Aerious of the Brokenwing

Aveist Heretic


Lifepaths – Itinerant Priest; Failed Acolyte (lead); and, Village Born
Age – 23


Fate Persona Deeds
6 1 1


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
B4 B4 B4 B4 B4 B4 D


Hea Ref MW Ste Res Cir Faith Faith Tests Faith Epiphanies
B5 B4 B10 B4 B0 B2 B6 Dx3; Cx1 Px13; Fx4; Dx1
Skills Exponent Tests Epiphanies
Doctrine B2
Falconry B2
Oratory B2 R, R
Read B2 Fx1
Religious History B2 C Fx1
Suasion B5 Px3 Fx8
Write B2
Crowd-wise (General) B2 D Fx1
Dirty Secret-wise B2 R, D, C Px1
Faith-wise B2 D
Temple-wise B2 D
Opening Skills Tests
Observation 1


  1. The Church has migrated from the path of the Great Wing, I will teach the Flock the righteous way by learning sharing the secrets of the Holy Text.
  2. We will take the Eyrie.
  3. Grow the flock.
  • We will get through the pass without loss of life.
  • I will help clear the Mayor’s name.
  • I will convince Jim and Leif be my honor guard.
  • I will rescue the 3 converts in Poulder.
  • I have betrayed Leif’s trust, I must make it right.
  • I will help Jim Hawkins find closure for his stolen childhood.
  • I will convert the bandit camp to the righteous way.
  • I will go to Salt Harbor and convince Ms. Betty’s son to allow me to build my shrine to the Great Wing on the site of the Rise of the Strong Tree.
  • Jim Hawkins has lost his way, I will help him find the true path worthy of his surname.


  1. Always pray before a conflict.
  2. Never pass on an opportunity to testify.
  3. Practice with Sir Flapsalot everyday.


Skeiner Aerious of Arlington (Uncle -1; Hateful -2)

1D Aveist Heretic (Apostate)

Bitter (CH);Dusty (CH); Apostate (DT); Faithful (DT)

Staff, Knife, Clothing, Shoes, Traveling Gear, Personal Affects (Scripture, Holy Symbol, etc.), and Falconry Tools & Falcon, Sir Flapsalot.

Weapon Type I M S Add VA WS Strike Dist
Bare Fisted 2 4 6 2 - 3 Shortest
Knife 2 4 6 1 - X Shortest
Staff 3 6 9 2 - 2 Long


Divine Intervention
(Faith; BWG, pp. 524-525)
Boon – Ob 2
Blessing – Ob 3
Aid – Ob 4
Hindrance – Ob 4-6
Guidance – Ob 5
Minor Miracle – Ob 5
Purification – Ob 5
Consecration – Ob 6
Inspiration – Ob 7
Intercession – Ob 8
Miracle – Ob 10

Sir Flapsalot, Falcon
(Bird of Prey; BWMB, p. 303)
Falcon, Sir Flapsalot (Bird of Prey; BWMB, p 303)
Wi:B2; Pe:B3; Ag:B4; Sp:B6; Po:B2; Fo:B2;
Hea:B2; Ref:B5; MW:B7; Ste:B3
Speed: X14; Hesitation: 8 Actions;
PTSG: Su:B2; Li:B3; Mi:B4; Se:B5; Tr:B6; Mo:B7
Traits: Small Stature; Winged; Keen Sight; Taloned
Skills: Attack:B5; Hunting:B4; Observation:B5

Aerious of the Brokenwing

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