Burning Ambitions

Game 8

We are surrounded by brigands when Jim pops his head up. He KNOWS the head man. Phillip is known by both Jim and Leif as a brigand close to the area. Tom gets aggravated the brigand wants a horse. Aerious prays.

Jade moves the cart forward. Tom is unfazed by the preaching. Black jumps off into the woods and is moved by the passion of the Avist. Jim is open to the preaching and tries to convince Phillip of Aeious’ holiness. Leif grabs the holy book and jumps out of the cart to the priest’s side. Jade drives the cart onward.

Aerious’ persuades the brigands to join him. He is now their religious leader.

Leif runs up to the cart and holds it up. Jade, Tom and Black are not happy about converting the brigands.

The argument continues. … all the way to Salt Harbor.

In the town, an official shows up. It is the Sheriff who knows Jim. Black tries to throw our new friends under the proverbial bus. Both Jim and Aerious defended the brigands. In the end, the Sheriff left, Jim disappeared, Aerious and Leif warned the brigands, and the rest rode the cart into town.



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