Burning Ambitions

Episode 19

During the night, Leif sneaks about town to find the three converts. He finds them in the stocks… guarded by a Grim. Leif has a bit of trouble at first but eventually whacks the guy in the head. Unfortunately, the keys weren’t on the guard. Leif had to hack at the lock to get them free. But he DID IT!

Unfortunately, the noise alerted the Grims. Leif managed to sneak the three out of town and then back into town. He managed to get back to his shack just before it was searched for the missing converts. Just as they leave, Leif hears one mention to another “We should just kill the boy. It would be easier.” Knowing he will get no sleep, Leif follows the two to find out what they are talking about.

On the road to the Aerie, Areious prays for information on Grims ahead. He gets only silence. A scout is sent out. He sees about 100 Grims on their path coming behind them. Phillip suggests spreading out to try and make their movements less noticeable. Jim and Aerious make plans to attack the outriders. They inform Guan who makes some points.



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