Burning Ambitions

Episode 14

It is evening after the mass conversion at the Grove. Jim, Leif, Phillip and Aerious are chatting around the fire. We decide to return to Pulder the next day.

At the Hunting Lodge, Jade and the rest seek shelter. Guan is referred to by more than his name (a title?).

There is a force of Church Knights (Pilgrimmers) near Pulder. Black encounters them and sneaks around them. Black reaches Elder Sparrow. He finds out that Tom, Jade, Black, Aerious, all have warrants out on them. They stem from the theft of a book from Red Vines. The town and council are in an uproar.

Leif convinces Lloyd and Ferris to become Aerious’ honor guard but ONLY if they have someone to lead them.

All during the conversation, Leif felt a prickling on his neck. SOMETHING is about half a league away back toward Salt Harbor.

Aerious delves deeper into the book.

Jim is over Aerious’ body which is shaking and foaming at the mouth. Aerious was having a vision. Lloyd and Ferris notice Jim has Lord Tim’s ledger. Aerious tells us he has made an error. Those believers in Pulder are being persecuted. The visions came from THE COILED SERPENT.

Back in the lodge, Black arrives with the news from Pulder. Black saw that the banners on the building were not the regular banners of the Duke. Lady Elaine arrives. LORD GUAN FARLINGTON is the head of their party. Guan is revealed to be Elaine’s FIANCE.

We make it though the woods and Leif notices the banners are wrong. He sneaks up to the manor to get Black’s attention and they both return to Aerious.

Betty and Jade are arguing. Jade convinces Betty NOT to give up the deed to Aerious.

We have a chat with Lord Guan and find we have a great deal in common. We go to the lodge for a meeting.



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