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  • Grayson Redwing

    An older man. Has a wife. She's a good cook. Despite [[:jim-hawkins | Jim's]] nefarious tendencies, Grayson considers him a friend. Although neither of them would dare be caught in the others company in public (bad for their images)

  • Joseph Vines

    Outraged at the theft of the [[Prophecies | Book of Prophecy]], Raptor Vines has called upon [[Knights of Pilgrimage | Pilgrimer Knights]] from a nearby chapter house to help him find the culprit(s) in [[Pulder | Pulder]]. He also helped [[:walter-merton …

  • Phillip

    Bandit, Robber, Ne'er do well, Friend of Jim. Recent convert to the Aviest faith of [[:aerious-brokenwing | Aerious of the Brokenwing]]

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