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  • Elder Red Falcon

    Jarrod is the chief adviser to Mayor [[:thomas-merton | Thomas Merton]] Jarrod, known as Elder Red Falcon, is the previous mayor of [[Pulder | Pulder]] but retired because of advancing age Jarrod is the leader of the Elder Council of Pulder …

  • Kurt

    Kurt is from [[Pulder | Pulder]]. He works for the [[:sine-lanthaford | Duke]] as a groom at the [[Stagthorn | hunting estate]] deep in the nearby forest. He supports [[Snow Deer | Snow Deer]] conservation.

  • Walter Merton

    Walter has taken temporary hold of the mayor-ship of [[Pulder | Pulder]]. With the aid of [[:elder-crow | Elder Crow]] and [[:joseph-vines | Raptor Vines]]. Walter is the uncle of [[:thomas-merton | Thomas Merton]]. Walter felt that he should have …

  • Constable Petrel

    Lord Petrel is the Constable of [[Salt Harbor | Salt Harbor]]. An unlanded noble, he takes pleasure in lording it over any unfortunate commoner who happens to cross his path. Underlings: * Sam the Clerk

  • Elder Sparrow

    A respected member of the [[Pulder | Pulder]] Council of Elders. Believes in [[:thomas-merton | Tom's]] innocence. Knows much about the current goings-on in Pulder. Circled up by the mayor. Ob2. Called upon 1 time (of 7).

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