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  • Aviest Heretics

    [[:aerious-brokenwing | Aerious]], ringleader [[:leif-dreafend | Leif Dreafend]], right-hand man [[:malcom | Malcom]], man of [[Pulder | Pulder]] [[:phillip | Phillip]], highwayman, and five of his men [[:faris-and-loyd | Faris and Loyd]], warehouse …

  • Phillip

    Bandit, Robber, Ne'er do well, Friend of Jim. Recent convert to the Aviest faith of [[:aerious-brokenwing | Aerious of the Brokenwing]]

  • Malcom Falkins

    Malcom's son Jarred was convinced by [[:jim-hawkins | Jim ]] to go to Salt Harbor for a life of adventure on the seas, unaware that a much harsher fate awaited him. Malcom went off to find Jarred. Malcom was hanging in a cage overhanging the sea at …

  • Faris and Loyd

    Followers of [[:aerious-brokenwing | Aerious of the Brokenwing]] and his [[Aviest Heretics | Aveist Heresy]] Former thugs in the employ of [[:the-crooked-man | The Crooked Man]] Currently suffering from shared dreams/nightmares

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