Burning Ambitions

New Campaign Pitch

Out of the swirling mass of campaign ideas in my head, I’d like to put forward this;

You are all from the same peasant village. Bright young minds filled with impossible dreams. While you all grew up here together, some of you might have left to explore the world to some small extent. But now you have all come home, at this opportune moment, to seek to implement your (singular) great plan with the help of your childhood friends (you hope).

For this, I would like your characters to have a grand Belief to pursue. Whether to become Great (with power, prestige, knowledge, or somesuch), or Solving a Great Dilemma (mystery, crisis, trouble, etc.), or some other equally Epic Personal Task that could take your character months, years, or even decades to accomplish. This will give us six disparate major plot threads to spin our story upon.

On top of that you’ll each have two more* Beliefs* to poke at each other, or the situation at hand, or further define your characters. And don’t forget, you can tack on an addendum to your grand* Belief* to focus on an intermediate step on your way to the big one (like; I will become/achieve/do this great thing, and I will start with this first step here.)

I like this campaign idea because it potentially explores the attempt to rise to (and maybe fall from) greatness from humble beginnings. And the power (and danger) of friendship.

Campaign Details;

You are all from the same peasant village. That’s it. That’s everything, so far.

We will use Character Burning to further define the world (as needed). Your Beliefs, Lifepaths, Relationships, Affiliations and Reputations will all leave a mark on the world. (If you take Sailor, there is a Sea. If you take a lead to a City lifepath, there is a city over that way. And so forth.)

Character Burning Details;

Must start with Born Peasant, or Villager Born.
Lifepath Limit is three (3)
Stat Cap is five (5)
Skill Cap is four (4)
Attributes are derived as normal. (no inherent cap)

Character Creation and World Burning
And even some roleplaying too!

Podcast of first session

Jim Hawkins convinced a kid to go to Sea.
Leif tried to talk with the mayor and ran into Elder Crow who KNOWS I fed him SNOW deer. I did not know it was the LAST one.

Game Two
How Much Is That Snow Deer In The Window?

Jeff couldn’t make the game so everyone hastily removed religious beliefs and tailored them for the evening.

The Mayor bragged on the hunting skills of Black. Jade looks for snow deer rumors. Leif looks to speak with the Mayor. Jim finds him and starts telling the story of Berry Pants!! Jim convinces us that an incident that happened to Jim ACTUALLY happened to the Mayor. There are questions on THAT story.

Black brings the snow deer curse to the attention of the Mayor.

We concoct a scheme to find breeding pairs of snow deer, re-establish the herd, and monetize them. Of course, Jim is looking forward to stealing them.

Elder Red Falcon pulled the mayor aside to let him know that Leif has been accused of poaching (probably by Elder Crow. Leif attempted to sneak up and spy on the two but was caught. The two men have not openly let Leif know he was spotted. And Leif has NO idea what was discussed let alone that he was spotted.

The Duke arrives. Messes up the benediction. And leaves.

We convince the mayor to circle up a groomsman that knows about the Duke and Snow Deer. He finds Kurt who has never seen the Snow Deer with the Duke.

Game 3

Jeff was absent last week so Bill starts off with him.

The Aveist wants to start a his own flock. He uses oratory to try and drum them up. HIs witnessing is effective enough to attract 3 new would-be congregants. They agree to meet him the next morning for his sunrise service.

The new mayor gets called away. Jade Horn gets called away by Betty.

Three men approach Jim, Black and Leif. It is the Duke’s Seneshal but Leif mistakes him for the game warden. As it turns out, Leif still had a poached game bird. Leif tried to pass the bird to Black but was spotted by both Black and the Seneshal. As it turns out, the Duke wishes to speak with Leif. Both Jim and Black wanted to join Leif but the Seneshal convinced them to stay behind… with enough money to get drunk. Leif joins the Seneshal as they ride out of town up to the Duke’s hunting lodge.

Jim’s step-father, Raptor Joseph Vines, shows up and reveals that Jim’s mother, Violet, is sick and went was sent to the Aerie to try and be healed. There is a physical confrontation between to the two men. Afterwards, Aerious sees the step-father leave, and enters the tavern to find Jim still sitting at the table with the overturned chair. The old friends begin drinking together.

Meanwhile, Betty has been dragging Jade all over. Jade thinks she sees someone wearing white fur but Betty is delaying her.

Black sees Leif ride off and calls his wolf. He is JUST about ready to cut across the Duke’s land to head off the Seneshal’s party when he sees a white cloaked person. That person was from Eagle Downs and he says the WHITE deer are quite common near his village. He pulls the guy off to buy him a drink.

Meanwhile, back in the bar, Aerious tells Jim all about the Aerie and the Paravist practice of rewarding Raptors for referring followers of means to the Aerie for treatment. Thus, Raptor Vines not only took over Violet’s estate, he was also giving a kickback from the Paravists. This make him angrier. In exchange for confronting JIm’s step-dad regarding the treatment of Jim’s mother, Aerious convinces JIm to join him for morning services.

Jade eventually ditches her mother in law and finds Black conversing with a man in a white cloak. Jade attempts to seduce Guan Farlington. Against all odds, she succeeds!

Leif makes it to the Lodge and is set up in the stables with the promise of a bath and breakfast in the morning.

The next day, Aerious wakes JIm at the meeting and preaches to Jim and the 3 congregants. As he does so, hundreds of song birds appear. He preaches so well that he cracks Jim’s stone heart. Although Jim still dislikes religion, some of what Aerious says makes sense…The other trio of followers are sent to find more converts.

Game 4
A Tree, A Cart, and Breakfast With the Family

Guan reveals he must deliver a letter to the Duke. Black goes off to get a wagon for the trip. Mayor Tom remembers Leif as acting weird and eves-dropping.

At the hunting lodge, Leif finds Daniel Bronzewing, another poacher. He has been hauled (all pleasant like) to the lodge for an audience with the Duke. Leif scrubs himself, gets new peasant clothes, and prepares for breakfast and an audience.

Aerious decides that the place of his big sermon, the Rise of the Strong Tree, is the perfect site for his new chapel shrine. The Paravist’s picked the wrong site in Pulder to build their chapel and aerie to honor the Great Wing. The Strong Tree is the most sacred place closest to Pulder. To secure the land, Aerious meets with Mayor Merton to get the land. The property was owned by Jade’s husband but the inheritance is in question. If it is not resolved, the Duke becomes the owner. LOTS of paper work is required. Mayor Tom and Aerious are then met by Black and Elder Red Falcon with a cart. A conversation ensued on the why’s and wherefore’s of going on the snow deer expedition. Aerious explains that there is a special tree where the Paravist SHOULD have built their church; they made a mistake. Also, this is the same tree under which Jim slept before his (minor) epiphany.

Leif goes into breakfast. The Duke tells him there are prophesies that say the duchy will fall if Snow Deer return. Oh.. and the Duke will make Leif LEGITIMATE if Leif keeps the Snow deer OUT of the duchy. The Paravists spoke the prophesy. Leif also met his step-sister, Elena.

Game 5

Mayor Tom is called away on urgent business but he lets Black and Aerious use the cart to visit the Duke. Jade arrives. They realize Guan has disappeared and MAY have gone to see the Duke. Aerious, Black and Jade go to talk with Jade’s mother-in-law, Betty Horn.

There is picnic to impress Betty which is foraged and prepared by Black. But the meal is rushed and all present are in danger of illness. Poor Betty also cracks a tooth. Everyone is a little green but Jade catches the worst of it. Let’s face it, even Black’s Wolfoodle wouldn’t eat the food.

It comes down Aerious trying to persuade Betty into getting on board with the whole idea of placing a shrine on “her” land. She says her oldest son in Salt Harbor is the one to talk to.

Back up at the lodge, Leif tries to sneak into the Duke’s study to find maps about the snow deer. He is found by his step-sister. She says she will help him find the right map if Leif brings any information for her father to HER first. He agrees. On his way back to town, he meets, Guan.

Game 6
JImmy comes a-callin'

Leif and Guan are walking back from the hunting lodge. Mayor Tom has finished with his “emergency.” Jim finally turns up. He and Aerious decide to go make a call on Raptor Vines. Jade and Black decide to tag along….. as does Leif and Tom.

We walk up to an eight foot high, stone wall marking the property boundary. This is new. There is even a couple of guards. We are escorted up to the house. There is a functionary in the house. Jim passes him up and goes up the stairs. Aerious and Leif follow Jim. Black, Jade and Tom hang out in/near the library.

Upstairs, Jim opens a secret nook that holds his father’s watch. Jim busts into his step-father’s room and they argue about where their talk is going to occur. They go back downstairs.

The group + the Raptor go into the Library. There is one book stand, 3 chairs, candles, and bookshelves line the wall. Jim remembers a window and fireplace but the room as been “renovated.”

JIm confronts his step-father and accuses him of shipping jim off to a slave ship. The Raptor denies it all. Jim draws his knife and puts it the Raptor. Aerious and Tom try to calm Jim down. Leif tries to encourage Jim. Aerious calls upon the Great Wing to help him calm AND IT WORKS. And we all leave. Tom throws a veiled threat as we leave.

On the way back to town, Leif, worried about Jim’s predilection for drawing his knife, steals Jim’s knife. The Mayor decided he didn’t want an audience when he talked to Red Falcon so Jim went looking for someone to introduce him to Red Falcon. As it turns out, the one person who could do that is gone. Jim sent his son to Salt Harbor.

Game 7

Leif has a plan to steal the book. The Mayor chats with Red Falcon. He confesses his sadness about his crazy friends… including Jim’s near assault on Jim’s father and Jim’s implied involvement with kidnapping. Tom feels like everyone is out to get him and Red Falcon gives him a pep talk. Tom says he will lead a small expedition to retrieve Red Falcon’s grandson.

Leif went back to jim’s old house. He climbed the wall and crept across the yard. A crow took special notice of but otherwise, he was unobserved. He managed to pop out the glass panes and get into the house. The book was there. He picked it up and left. The next morning, he presented the book Aerious the next morning.

Aerious prayed over the book and a MIRACLE occurred. The book magically unlocked.

The next morning, Jade, Guan, Black , and Tom all show up in the cart for the trip to Salt Harbor. Aerious becomes VERY attached to the book and he wants Guan’s Snow Deer Cloak to cover and protect the book. Guan is reticent and there is an argument. But Aerious prevailed and got the cloak.

We all piled into the cart and took off. Black and Leif began arguing over direction. Leif prevails. But during the trip, Leif, Black and Tom notice there are people in the woods shadowing us. Bows are draw.

Game 8

We are surrounded by brigands when Jim pops his head up. He KNOWS the head man. Phillip is known by both Jim and Leif as a brigand close to the area. Tom gets aggravated the brigand wants a horse. Aerious prays.

Jade moves the cart forward. Tom is unfazed by the preaching. Black jumps off into the woods and is moved by the passion of the Avist. Jim is open to the preaching and tries to convince Phillip of Aeious’ holiness. Leif grabs the holy book and jumps out of the cart to the priest’s side. Jade drives the cart onward.

Aerious’ persuades the brigands to join him. He is now their religious leader.

Leif runs up to the cart and holds it up. Jade, Tom and Black are not happy about converting the brigands.

The argument continues. … all the way to Salt Harbor.

In the town, an official shows up. It is the Sheriff who knows Jim. Black tries to throw our new friends under the proverbial bus. Both Jim and Aerious defended the brigands. In the end, the Sheriff left, Jim disappeared, Aerious and Leif warned the brigands, and the rest rode the cart into town.

Game 9
Criminals Everywhere We Turn

Mayor Tom talks with Black about starting up some sort of “eco” militia. Tom no longer trusts any of his old friends except Black. He makes his case to get the ranger on his side.

Leif and Aerious go out to talk to Phillip and the thieves to warn him that the sheriff knows where Phillip is and they should lie low. Phillip will just take the group to a certain spot and will round up 80 other men for Aerious to preach to. The Aveist wants to go with the men. Leif points out that it would be difficult for the preacher to join the men in an overland journey. Convinced by the bastards words, Aerious lets the men go and returns to Salt Harbor.


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