Burning Ambitions

Episode 14

It is evening after the mass conversion at the Grove. Jim, Leif, Phillip and Aerious are chatting around the fire. We decide to return to Pulder the next day.

At the Hunting Lodge, Jade and the rest seek shelter. Guan is referred to by more than his name (a title?).

There is a force of Church Knights (Pilgrimmers) near Pulder. Black encounters them and sneaks around them. Black reaches Elder Sparrow. He finds out that Tom, Jade, Black, Aerious, all have warrants out on them. They stem from the theft of a book from Red Vines. The town and council are in an uproar.

Leif convinces Lloyd and Ferris to become Aerious’ honor guard but ONLY if they have someone to lead them.

All during the conversation, Leif felt a prickling on his neck. SOMETHING is about half a league away back toward Salt Harbor.

Aerious delves deeper into the book.

Jim is over Aerious’ body which is shaking and foaming at the mouth. Aerious was having a vision. Lloyd and Ferris notice Jim has Lord Tim’s ledger. Aerious tells us he has made an error. Those believers in Pulder are being persecuted. The visions came from THE COILED SERPENT.

Back in the lodge, Black arrives with the news from Pulder. Black saw that the banners on the building were not the regular banners of the Duke. Lady Elaine arrives. LORD GUAN FARLINGTON is the head of their party. Guan is revealed to be Elaine’s FIANCE.

We make it though the woods and Leif notices the banners are wrong. He sneaks up to the manor to get Black’s attention and they both return to Aerious.

Betty and Jade are arguing. Jade convinces Betty NOT to give up the deed to Aerious.

We have a chat with Lord Guan and find we have a great deal in common. We go to the lodge for a meeting.

Episode 13

Tom finds out the craziness that has gone on in Pulder. He has been over thrown by Vines and Crow and Walder.

Ferris and Loyd continue to have dreams. This worries Leif. Jim tries to convince Phillip to go to Salt Harbor. Leif over hears that and jumps in to keep Phillip on the Aveist path. Jim then talks with Leif and says Leif can’t help him because Leif doesn’t know who Perry Brightwing is. But Leif DOES know and won’t tell Jim until we are back to Pulder. Leif leaves the same secret with Aerious… who IMMEDIATELY goes to Jim. After MUCH yakking role-playing…. They came to an accord and Aerious spilled all the info to Jim, in exchange for Jim joining the Aveist movement.

Tom is on the way to defend himself in Pulder. Black remembers that they don’t have the land deed (which Jade DOES have). Tom tells Black about Elder Sparrow who should be on his side for the confrontation when they get to town.

Back in the Grove, Aerious gives his speech….. and wins over the ENTIRE crowd.

Episode 12
Catch up and get out of town

Jade has breakfast with Tim (before the villains demise in Ep 11). She convinces him to give her the deed in return for later favors. She then spends the day with Guan.

Jim confronts Tim to get the name of the person who sold him into slavery. Unfortunately, Tim was already dead… and looted. But Maleo was there and hat the info for Jim.

Jim caught up to Leif, Tom , Black and Aerious on the way out of town.

Everyone trades stories. In the end, Jade, Tom and Black head back to Pulder with Malcolm and his son. Aerious, Jim and Leif head off to meet the ruffians.

On the way back to town, Black works to get Malcolm’s son, Jared, to open up and tell the story of WHY he left town.

In the religious camp, Leif is awakened by Ferris and Loyd chatting. They had the same dream but would not tell him about it. Leif convinced them to talk with Aerious and then eavesdropped on them. They told of seeing a bowman killing what they KNEW was the last snow deer. Leif was aghast that the story was EXACTLY what happened when he killed what turned out to BE the last snow deer.

Back on the road to Pulder, Tom confesses his worry about Aerious. Jade thinks Aerious has powers ONLY because of the book. Black is on Jade’s side.

Game 11
Jeff Rolls Like a MANIAC!

We start with Aerious who is looking for Snow Deer prophecies in his ill-gotten holy book. He calls upon the GREAT WING for a revelation behind the religious imagery. He exceeds even his own expectations as he discerns FOUR mysteries.

Mean while, Leif is in the dining hall and is approached by Maleo. Speaking courteously to him, Maleo asks Leif to kill the Crooked Man and the “city will be yours.”

Tom and Black return with Malcolm in tow. Aerious rejoins the group with news of his miracles. Malcolm is fixated on getting his son back.

Malcolm reveals someone reffered to as LORD was responsible. We take him the warehouse Where Jim and Jade and Leif met “Lord Tim.”

The crowd is tense.. and Aerious feels it smells like a riot. We are accosted by 3 toughs. One is taken out (held by Aerious’ magic) and the others flee.

We reach the warehouse and Malcolm runs in but is stopped by Tom. Aeroious and Leif approach the warehouse and confront two more men. Aerious calms them and they join him. Then we hear the sound of… deer. Black goes to investigate. The rest of us go looking for the kid. We find him … chained up with other kids in the presence of Lord Tim. Aerious freezes him and his men. Leif disarms them but Tim has a knife as well and takes Jared hostage. Tom holds back Malcolm as best he can but fails. All hell breaks loose.

The converts help Leif who cuts down two thugs. Tom goes to put the beat down on Tim. Aerious is praying to help Tom. Malcolm is injured but Lord Tim is killed by the punch. Aerious goes to heal Malcolm. The Great Wing is with Aerious and Malcolm is healed. We free the children and the deer. The two thugs on our side guide us to a safe way out. There is a crowd around following us because of the snow deer. Aerious preaches and wins over the crowd.

Game 10
Situational Ethics

Jade starts off by trying to find her brother in law. She manages to find Garret Horne, a peddler. She asks for the deed, but it is in hock. Garrett used it to keep his business afloat. As it turns out, the loan is held by some unsavory people. Malio, who hangs out at the Lion Shark, is the agent he dealt with but the guy works for the Crooked Man.

Jim goes looking for someone who works on a slave ship and who would have information he wants. Before he gets started, Jim is hailed by someone. The guy tells him the Crooked Man is looking for him. In a dark foreboding place, Jim meets him. The boy Jim sent is on the “soft side.” And the boy is PERFECT for another sale the Crooked Man has set up. The Crooked Man dismisses Jim who catches a glimpse of GUAN being led into the room! And THEN he sees WHITE DEER in cages! But they are FAKED! Jim makes it known to the Crooked Man that he could procure some REAL snow deer.

Jim also finds out that the Boy is being held at CM’s holding area awaiting sale.

Jade heads to the wharf looking for Malio and the boat. But she doesn’t do well. The local sailors make things difficult for her and she runs off… running into someone in the process.

The crew joins back up and argues over legalities. Tom and Black go to sleep while Aerious studies. Jade, Jim and Leif go looking for Malcolm’s son. Jim is LOUD about but persuades, Leif that it is for the best. In the end, the three make the acquaintance of The Crooked Man who is introduced by Jim and LORD TIM. Jade is even invited to dinner the next evening. Having failed to find the boy, the three return to the inn.

The next morning, Jade and Leif are feeling groggy from the night’s adventures. Jim is fine. Jade, Black and Tom go tot he court house to get Malcolm out of the cage. They find that Constable Petrol jacked the bond up. They confront him and try to convince the Constable to release Malcolm into the MAYOR’S PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. It Works!

Game 9
Criminals Everywhere We Turn

Mayor Tom talks with Black about starting up some sort of “eco” militia. Tom no longer trusts any of his old friends except Black. He makes his case to get the ranger on his side.

Leif and Aerious go out to talk to Phillip and the thieves to warn him that the sheriff knows where Phillip is and they should lie low. Phillip will just take the group to a certain spot and will round up 80 other men for Aerious to preach to. The Aveist wants to go with the men. Leif points out that it would be difficult for the preacher to join the men in an overland journey. Convinced by the bastards words, Aerious lets the men go and returns to Salt Harbor.

Game 8

We are surrounded by brigands when Jim pops his head up. He KNOWS the head man. Phillip is known by both Jim and Leif as a brigand close to the area. Tom gets aggravated the brigand wants a horse. Aerious prays.

Jade moves the cart forward. Tom is unfazed by the preaching. Black jumps off into the woods and is moved by the passion of the Avist. Jim is open to the preaching and tries to convince Phillip of Aeious’ holiness. Leif grabs the holy book and jumps out of the cart to the priest’s side. Jade drives the cart onward.

Aerious’ persuades the brigands to join him. He is now their religious leader.

Leif runs up to the cart and holds it up. Jade, Tom and Black are not happy about converting the brigands.

The argument continues. … all the way to Salt Harbor.

In the town, an official shows up. It is the Sheriff who knows Jim. Black tries to throw our new friends under the proverbial bus. Both Jim and Aerious defended the brigands. In the end, the Sheriff left, Jim disappeared, Aerious and Leif warned the brigands, and the rest rode the cart into town.

Game 7

Leif has a plan to steal the book. The Mayor chats with Red Falcon. He confesses his sadness about his crazy friends… including Jim’s near assault on Jim’s father and Jim’s implied involvement with kidnapping. Tom feels like everyone is out to get him and Red Falcon gives him a pep talk. Tom says he will lead a small expedition to retrieve Red Falcon’s grandson.

Leif went back to jim’s old house. He climbed the wall and crept across the yard. A crow took special notice of but otherwise, he was unobserved. He managed to pop out the glass panes and get into the house. The book was there. He picked it up and left. The next morning, he presented the book Aerious the next morning.

Aerious prayed over the book and a MIRACLE occurred. The book magically unlocked.

The next morning, Jade, Guan, Black , and Tom all show up in the cart for the trip to Salt Harbor. Aerious becomes VERY attached to the book and he wants Guan’s Snow Deer Cloak to cover and protect the book. Guan is reticent and there is an argument. But Aerious prevailed and got the cloak.

We all piled into the cart and took off. Black and Leif began arguing over direction. Leif prevails. But during the trip, Leif, Black and Tom notice there are people in the woods shadowing us. Bows are draw.

Game 6
JImmy comes a-callin'

Leif and Guan are walking back from the hunting lodge. Mayor Tom has finished with his “emergency.” Jim finally turns up. He and Aerious decide to go make a call on Raptor Vines. Jade and Black decide to tag along….. as does Leif and Tom.

We walk up to an eight foot high, stone wall marking the property boundary. This is new. There is even a couple of guards. We are escorted up to the house. There is a functionary in the house. Jim passes him up and goes up the stairs. Aerious and Leif follow Jim. Black, Jade and Tom hang out in/near the library.

Upstairs, Jim opens a secret nook that holds his father’s watch. Jim busts into his step-father’s room and they argue about where their talk is going to occur. They go back downstairs.

The group + the Raptor go into the Library. There is one book stand, 3 chairs, candles, and bookshelves line the wall. Jim remembers a window and fireplace but the room as been “renovated.”

JIm confronts his step-father and accuses him of shipping jim off to a slave ship. The Raptor denies it all. Jim draws his knife and puts it the Raptor. Aerious and Tom try to calm Jim down. Leif tries to encourage Jim. Aerious calls upon the Great Wing to help him calm AND IT WORKS. And we all leave. Tom throws a veiled threat as we leave.

On the way back to town, Leif, worried about Jim’s predilection for drawing his knife, steals Jim’s knife. The Mayor decided he didn’t want an audience when he talked to Red Falcon so Jim went looking for someone to introduce him to Red Falcon. As it turns out, the one person who could do that is gone. Jim sent his son to Salt Harbor.

Game 5

Mayor Tom is called away on urgent business but he lets Black and Aerious use the cart to visit the Duke. Jade arrives. They realize Guan has disappeared and MAY have gone to see the Duke. Aerious, Black and Jade go to talk with Jade’s mother-in-law, Betty Horn.

There is picnic to impress Betty which is foraged and prepared by Black. But the meal is rushed and all present are in danger of illness. Poor Betty also cracks a tooth. Everyone is a little green but Jade catches the worst of it. Let’s face it, even Black’s Wolfoodle wouldn’t eat the food.

It comes down Aerious trying to persuade Betty into getting on board with the whole idea of placing a shrine on “her” land. She says her oldest son in Salt Harbor is the one to talk to.

Back up at the lodge, Leif tries to sneak into the Duke’s study to find maps about the snow deer. He is found by his step-sister. She says she will help him find the right map if Leif brings any information for her father to HER first. He agrees. On his way back to town, he meets, Guan.


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