Malcom Falkins

Man inspired

Will: B4 Perception: B4 Power: B4 Forte: B4 Agility: B4 Speed: B4
Fate: 1 Persona: 1
  • Aerious saved my son and my life. Follow his teaching of the Great Wing
  • rescue my son
  • Fire is a useful tool.
    • burn salt harbor to the ground

Malcom’s son Jarred was convinced by Jim to go to Salt Harbor for a life of adventure on the seas, unaware that a much harsher fate awaited him.

Malcom went off to find Jarred.

Malcom was hanging in a cage overhanging the sea at the port of Salt Harbor when our heroes found him. His crime; setting fire to a ship, and so forth.

Malcom’s father is Elder Red Falcon.

Malcom is a devoted follower of the Aviest faith.

Malcom Falkins

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