Leif Dreafend

Aveist Honor Guard, Duke's Bastard Son and a Poacher


Age: 19

Wi Pe Po Fo Ag Sp
B4 B4 B3 B5 B5 B5


Ref Ste Hea MW
B4 B3 B5 B10

Circles: B2
Resources: B0

Su Li Mi Se Tr Mo
B3 B5 B7 B8 B9 B10


  1. The sooner Aerious finishes his quest, the quicker I can get back to becoming Duke. Protect Aerious at all costs.
  2. Catch some snow deer breeding pairs and present them to Black.
  3. Upon reaching the Aerie, take personal charge of the converts religious training.
  4. Nothing will stop me from being Duke and convincing Elaine to give up her title to be with Guan is a step toward that.


  1. Always defend the Aveist faithful.
  2. My sword is always at hand.
  3. Always know where the Holy Text is.

Traits: [Dt] Bastard

Skills: Bow B4, Bowyer B2, Cooking B2, Hunting B3, Noble-wise B2, Oratory B2, Orienteering B2, Persuasion B2, Royal Parks-wise B3, Stealthy B3, Tracking B3

Opening Skills: Pulder-wise (2 of 6), Sleight of Hand (2 of 5), Observation (4 of 6), Sword (3 of 5), Friends-Of-The-Duke-wise (1 of 6)



  • 1D Bastard son of the Duke


  • Duke

Gear: Cottage, Traveling Gear, Clothes, Shoes, Bow, Blunt Head Arrow, Copper Ring with rough stylized Ducal Crest, Lord Tim’s Pinkie Ring and sword


In Game 1, Leif ran into Elder Crow who KNOWS I fed him snow deer meat.
In Game 2, Leif was accused of poaching.
In Game 3, Leif is confronted by his father’s seneschal and is taken to meet him.
In Game 4, Leif bathes in preparation for the ducal audience.

IN Game 13, While she hasn’t been to visit that I’m aware of, the Duke considers Perry Brightwing, Abbess of the Aerie, a great friend.

Game 22, fails to get close to the Aerie enclave but STILL perceives a LOT to help Aerious and Jim. Most importantly, Leif has his finger cut off by Jim who wanted Lord Tim’s ring. The ring turned into a snake and disappeared.

Leif Dreafend

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