Burning Ambitions

Episode 24

*Black and Master Gos head down the mountain to hunt deer meat. Black finds that snow deer are plentiful and red deer are honored. He and Goss disagree about which type of deer to hunt. Each tries to convince the other over which deer to hunt.

Black was forced to shoot at snow deer. And even though he tried to miss, Black kills the deer. Gos almost uses another name on Black, but covers himself (Jim?).

Jade… under a vow of silence.. over hears some soldiers preparing to march on Aerious’ group. The Holy Observers had been sent.

Among that group, Jim is trying to convince Aerious to march on the Aerie now. During that conversation, Leif notices a pair of hawks spying on them. Aerious is CONVINCED they are like proverbial crystal balls and that the Aerie knows their plans. He sends Sir Flaps-a-lot after the reporting hawk.* [here is where to recording begins again]. Sir brings the hawk back and we notice a LOT of raptors are now gone.

Guan is ready to go and the army prepares to march.

Black chats with Gos on the way back to the Aerie. Gos admits he is from Pulder but Black cannot get anything more from the quiet man. They return to bustling activity as the Pilgrimers are breaking camp. Black goes right to Jade who maintains her vow of silence. Black “circles” up a young Pulder novitiate. He FAILS and is confronted by the man to whom he promised a pie.

Black finds out what is going on from that man and then slips out of the Aerie to head down the mountain. He stumbles across a heard of snow deer and snuggles up with them. It is there that he is found by Leif, Aerious and JIm.

Jade receives her Blessing and volunteers to help the Pilgrimers.

Horns sound! The Pilgrim army is here. A woman rides out under a flag of truce. It is Jade. She wants them to confer with the Abbess. Aerious, Jim, Black and Leif agree. A pavilion is set up. Jim sees the Abbess. She is flanked by two knights (one with only one eye…Captain Juda) with Jade nearby. Juda is sent away.

Jim begins to sweat upon hearing the Abbess speak. Black attempts to comfort Jim who all but collapses into a chair. The talking begins. The Abbess says the Tome must be destroyed. Leif is appalled and denies that will happen. The Abbess and Jim speak privately. She is his mother and admits to sending him away. She gives him Malcolm’s knife and asks him to destroy the book. Jim asks Aerious to trust him and give him the book. Aerious and Jim see the dagger. Aerious denies him the book. But Jim convinces him otherwise.. with Leif and Black’s help. Jim kills his mother. Jade tries to tackle him but can’t catch up to him. The Aveist group escapes.



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