Burning Ambitions

Episode 22

Two Passes, An Aerie and and Avalanche

Aerious does his best to get to the pass as quickly as possible. They get to the pass and Aerious begins to pray for and avalanche to block the pass. The low pass is now blocked with Aerious and Jim now meeting up with Guan’s army.

Leif makes it to the Aerie and is unseen. Without seeing Jim and Aerious, he decides to head down the mountain to find the 88+. But before they leave, Leif sneaks up to the enclave. He doesn’t get the best vantage, but manages to discern: 300 Pilgrimers with make shift tents while the hostel is relatively empty. Maybe 50 clergy and the cave are occupied but no telling how many. The Pilgrimers are disturbed and probably heading to Eagle Down.

Meanwhile, Black, Jade and Tom arrive at the Aerie. Black thinks he shouldn’t have to scrape bird poop so he tries to convince a higher up that PIE is a good trade. He eventually squirrels his way into a chat with the Abbess.

Jade wants to speak with the Abbess as well. Jade identifies herself as from Pulder and draws attention to herself. The Abbess herself speaks to Jade who finds her familiar but JUST CAN’T PLACE HER (Todd believes the Abbess is his character’s Mom).

Meanwhile, back down the mountain, Guan asks for Aveist teaching from Aerious who all but anoints Guan as the secular leader of the Aveists. As that was happening, Aerious felt a miracle descending upon someone at the Guard house.

While heading down the mountain, Leif spots a snow deer. He shoots it, cleans it, and feeds it to Maleo and the Three. Unfortunately, he fails to convince the Three of the necessity and they now believe him to be SERPENT TOUCHED.

Leif, Maleo and the Three are found by Jim and the rest. Leif and Jim hug.

Maleo attacks Aerious. Jim and Leif try to protect Aerious. Aerious ducks past Jim but cannot get past Leif. Leif disarms Maleo and Aerious then tries to drive out the Serpent. But he fails.



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