Burning Ambitions

Episode 18

It’s the night when Aerious had his fit. Tom headed up to bed and slept soundly. During the night he dreams. He sees the place where the king once sat and the Dukes now rule. He is offered power by a shadow cloaked being in the dream.

There is “war” council at dinner the next evening. Several ideas are put forth and several try to convince Elaina to set aside land for a snow deer preserve. Things get out of hand.

Eventually, Aerious and his men leave to go through the pass with Guan in return for Elaina’s promise to set aside land for a snow deer preserve when she become Duchess.

The following day, Tom Merton, accompanied by Jade, Black, and Leif, returns to Pulder to face his accusers.

The Justicar’s arrival, and Tom’s trial, are planned for the next day.



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