Burning Ambitions

Episode 17

The Temptation of Aerious

Late at night and Aerious has tended Leif’s wounds… but not well. Aerious mutters to himself then falls over with a seizure. Jade tries to grab the book. Leif tries to interfere but is dodged. Jim is there and beats Jade to the tome. He hands it over to Lief who protects it.

Black tries to help Aerious with a poultice. Jim doesn’t want him to prevents Black from “helping.” Aerious’ trembling subside.

Aerious’ had been thinking on why his prayers were having difficulty. He sees three candle lights and smells salt air. He is in a bar.. a cloaked figure is near… cloaked in living darkness. He speaks, “Glad to see you here.”

Aerious: Why am I here?

Cloak: You called me. Those who call on the power to often some times find it.

Aerious sees Lord Tim… complete with wounds. They argue. Aerious now sees three forms sleeping on a luxurious bed. Help Jade?

Aerious sees the rise of the Strong Tree. White tents and soldiers everywhere. You have so many enemies.

Aerious sees a figure born on a litter. A man beaten and with one eye missing is there.

BAck in the tavern. Your word will spread to all corners of the world.

Jim and Lief hear Aerious speak as he wakens. He tells of his vision and Lief realizes that blinded man is the Grim he and Jim fought. Aerious latches on to the thought of the ring and names Lief Serpent-bane. He names Jim Protector of the Tome.

Leif and Aeious then argue over Leif giving up the Duchy. IN the end, Aerious is just too persuasive and Lief suborns his ambitions to help Aerious. Only after Aerious releases him will Lief be able to advance himself as duke.

Black attempts to get information from Daniel.



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